Why Use a Broker?

The Value of an Insurance Broker.

What does an insurance broker do?

An insurance broker is an expert that’s qualified to give you advice on insurance and risk management. We’re professional advisers that work to protect our client’s best interests – we don’t work on behalf of insurance companies. Insurance brokers help you to identify and understand your personal and business risks, work to mitigate those risks and recommend an insurance solution to protect your assets and livelihood.

Brokers understand insurance inside and out, especially the fine print. We can help you understand the differences between insurance solutions and policies, make sure you know what’s included and, importantly, what’s excluded. Not all insurance policies are created equal – an expert can help you to know whether a cheap and cheerful insurance policy is going to be worth the paper it’s printed on (or PDF-ed to, in the digital era) when it comes to making a claim. And if you do need to make a claim, insurance brokers negotiate and follow up on behalf of clients. If you don’t have an insurance broker, you’ll be going it alone.

Insurance brokers participate in continuous development. Each year we need to earn professional development points by learning about emerging risks or gaining a deeper understanding of complex risks and changes to the insurance market. We also adhere to the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice, which sets out the minimum service standards that clients (you) should expect from brokers. It also outlines how complaints and disputes regarding potential breaches of the Code can be resolved.

Ultimately, insurance brokers are here to work with you to understand your needs, and find the right cover at the best price on the market.

Why use an authorised insurance broker?

Insurance is often considered a ‘grudge purchase.’ A necessary evil that we have to have, but not one that we necessarily want to, or get excited about. But we know we should have it, whether it’s to protect our business, our belongings or our family’s future – and those who have experienced the unexpected or unthinkable and had to make a claim know that having the right insurance solution and someone to go to bat for you can make a world of difference.

So making sure you do your due diligence in selecting an insurance solution is worth the time and effort – or getting someone to do the due diligence on your behalf. You wouldn’t dream of doing your own legal work or medical tests. So why should your insurance be any different? It’s just as important (or arguably more so) in protecting what’s important to you. And that’s where the authorised brokers of the Community Broker Network can help you.

Why choose a Community Broker Network Authorised Broker?

If you haven’t used a Community Broker Network authorised broker previously, you may not be aware of the benefits we can bring you or your business. Here are some of the top reasons you should use a CBN authorised broker for your insurance needs:

  • CBN authorised brokers are part of YOUR community. We understand how you do business and your unique risks. We face the same ones. We’re not a nameless, faceless call centre.
  • Our authorised brokers all have ‘skin in the game.’ We’re small or medium sized business owners helping other business owners. We’re family members helping other family members. We get it.
  • We’re not just the experts, we’re YOUR experts. We’re working on behalf of YOU, our client, not on behalf of insurers.
  • We’ve spent years to earn and maintain our qualifications and develop experience and understanding that cannot be matched through Googling insurance directly online yourself for a few hours.
  • We can access insurance solutions that aren’t available online, and in some cases are only available through brokers.
  • With a network of nearly 400 authorised broker businesses, we’re able to leverage our scale for the benefit of clients, with packages that we’ve negotiated with insurer partners that are exclusively available through our network
  • If you need to make a claim you know we’re here for you, advocating for you and following up to make sure things are progressing, saving you time, hassle and heartache.
  • Our authorised brokers attend sessions both through the Community Broker Network and externally to stay on top of emerging risks (like cyber or lone wolf terrorist attacks) to ensure they have the most up to date insurance information to respond to these changes.
  • If you have a ‘risky risk’ or difficult to place risk that you’ve not been able to find insurance you’re satisfied with, our authorised brokers have access to a huge range of insurer and underwriting partners, as well as the overseas market, giving you the best chance of getting a reasonable deal (or in some cases, getting cover at all).
  • We asked our authorised brokers what they love best about their role, and every one we asked listed clients. Without exception. You are the reason your broker gets up and comes into work each day, they are there because they enjoy partnering with you, protecting your priorities, providing you with great service and being there for you when you need them the most.

Find the right authorised broker for you.

Are you ready to find an insurance broker near you? Click here to find your local CBN authorised broker and get a free, no-obligation quotation for your insurance needs.

It’s a huge benefit to us to have local insurance representatives just down the road who understand our business and our area.

– CBN Authorised Broker Client